About Us

(And YOU)

Hi, we’re Planet Glam and we’re happy. We’re happy because we created a great company and products to make you glam and happy. Happy about your appearance and happy about your health. All around we are a “happiness“ brand and we are sharing it with you.

Caring is where our story begins…or ends.

After spending years in the healthcare (you-ology) industry and seeing the droves of frustrated and dazed faces walk in and out of supplemental journeys and not seeing results, we thought enough was enough. Enough seeing you unhappy and unfulfilled. Enough seeing you spend money on products and services that have no positive outcomes. Here is where we get to the heart (your heart) of what we are doing.

Purpose driven. Straightforward. Glam-Results Oriented.

Our Products Are…

Goal-focused. Slimming. Skin tightening. Skin whitening. Skin Clarifying. Wrinkle Reducing. Acne fighting. You name it, we have it…

All products are designed to work together in a confusion-free, transparent and multi-functioning way. All with happiness as the core active ingredient.